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Why and how to use x265

Why should you use x265 instead of x264? This article will answer that question and will also give you a short introduction on what the different options of x265 do. This article is actually a bit older and i was too lazy to reupload it after a server rewrite, but here it is again.

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They’re this weird kind of magic that actually isn’t magical at all. We can also do things with them. Or have other things to things with them. The word thing is a terrible... thing.

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That one filter that is used everywhere, even though barely anyone actually knows what it does. Wel’ll change that together.

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Adaptive Graining Methods

Less dither is always better, but no dither might be a problem. Here, I’ll be looking at ways to automatically determine where grain is needed to prevent artifacts.

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Grain and Noise

...and ways to remove them. I feel like this will be outdated soon™

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Native Resolutions

This is pretty old and kinda bad. There’s a WIP rewrite here if you’re interested:

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