Advent of Code: Postmortem

I failed. Huge surprise.

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Vapoursynth: Are We Too Afraid Of Dependencies or “The culture of xxxvsfunc”

I recently thought about a few flaws with the Vapoursynth scripting ecosystem, and how to address them.

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Challenges for Advent of Code

Or “How to Bite Off More Than You Can Chew, but not too much”. Plus ed shilling, because ed, man. ed.

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Writing Blogs out of Boredom

Blogs, not blog posts. I don’t even know what this is about. A bit of everything. Philosophy, programming, UI design. I don’t really like this, but I know I won’t ever find the motivation to improve it and actually make it worth reading. Deleting it seems like a waste of time, though, so I’ll just put it here with a disclaimer that it’s probably boring.

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Why and how to use x265

Why should you use x265 instead of x264? This article will answer that question and will also give you a short introduction on what the different options of x265 do. This article is actually a bit older and i was too lazy to reupload it after a server rewrite, but here it is again.

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Do What Is Interesting, Not What Is Expedient

No encoding stuff today, sorry. I’m still waiting for my Pi to install Gentoo™, so I wrote this on a whim. Yes, the title is a JBP reference.

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They’re this weird kind of magic that actually isn’t magical at all. We can also do things with them. Or have other things to things with them. The word thing is a terrible... thing.

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That one filter that is used everywhere, even though barely anyone actually knows what it does. Wel’ll change that together.

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[German] Review: MagicalGirlSubs

Irgendwer hatte wohl gefragt, warum wir ef subben, wenn MGS den doch schon fertig hat. Glaube ich zumindest. Das wäre einfacher, wenn es nicht schon ein Jahr her wäre und ich nicht gerade die Website neu aufsetzen würde ...

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Adaptive Graining Methods

Less dither is always better, but no dither might be a problem. Here, I’ll be looking at ways to automatically determine where grain is needed to prevent artifacts.

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[German] Review: Matana-Studio

Irgendwer dachte wohl, das wäre eine gute Idee. Oder zumindest lustig. Oder beides? Ihr müsst es wohl selbst lesen, um das zu erfahren.

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Grain and Noise

...and ways to remove them. I feel like this will be outdated soon™

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Native Resolutions

This is pretty old and kinda bad. There’s a WIP rewrite here if you’re interested:

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